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2 Bowl Singles                                                                                      Greenock & District Leagues
The Annual Stonehouse versus Gourock Park Friendly was slightly curtailed by the heavy showers which prevented most of the games from going the full distance of 21 ends. However this in no way dampened the spirits of the players from both of our great Clubs.
                     This annual meeting of old friends has been taking place for around 60 years and is always seen as one of the most anticipated events in diary's of both our Clubs. Unfortunatley due to work commitments, i was unable to attend
early enough to witness any of the actual bowling, but was lucky enough to get there in time to witness the speeches and of course the usual joke telling and sing song which is always a feature of these games.

The overall score was Gourock Park 101 shots , Stonehouse 69 shots. Highest up Gourock Park Rink was one skipped by
Ian Brown along with Robert Wilson, Mark Wells and Kenny McKinlay, who finished 17 shots up and the highest up Stonehouse team was a 'triples'  Skipped by T Leish along with J O Brian and A Anderson, who were the only Stonehouse team to win on the day.
                                After the match the players enjoyed a fine meal served up by the hard working Ladies of Gourock Park, which was followed by speeches from President Hamish Ramsay who thanked all for attending and to all those that had worked hard to make this day successful. Stonehouse President, Jim Robertson made a fine speech and mentioned that the most important thing about this game is the friendship that is shared between the two Clubs and he also presented
President Hamish Ramsay with an engraved Bell and Plaque to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Gourock Park, Jim also paid compliments to the fine meal served up and the hardworking bar staff and also to Ian Brown for making sure that the
'greens' were in great condition for this game.
                                                                The day ended in the usual way with the legendry sing song and joke telling which is always a fun feature of this game, as usual Kenny McKinlay was the 'main attraction' but was given a run for his money with a fine array of songs from both sets of players.
                                                                                  "See you next year lads"
                                                                                                                     Gary Bradley
Most of the Stonehouse Men with Kenny McKinlay and Terry Duffy of Gourock Park sneaking in too
Presidents Hamish Ramsay and Jim Robertson exchange ties and mementos
Celtic Fan Michael Stevenson proves he is game for laugh as he is set up by 'true blue' John Hagen as Terry Duffy joins in with the fun
John Kane with Rangers legend, Tom Forsyth
Hamish looks delighted to accept this engraved bell so kindly presented to the Club from Stonehouse to celebrate our 75th
The Highest up Stonehouse Triples
"Honey they have shrunk the pies" The Winning Gourock Park Rink
Time Gentleman please!
"Wheres that Simon Cowell now then"
"Its the way i tell em"
King of all Songs, Ken Boy
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