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Gourock Park Club Championship 2001
Dougie Twaddle retained The Championship with a fine victory over Jim Crawford. Dougie won by 21 shots to 9 in a mainly one sided game. Jim Crawford was unable to capture the form that got him to the final and just could not get the better of Dougie,who played steadily throughout the game.

                                                                        Dougie has now won The Championship 3 times and must be a strong contender to overtake Gourock Park's five times Champion,David Rollo within the next few years or so. Many at Gourock Park thought that this was to be Jim's year, he was before this game the only unbeaten player in all domestic competitions at the Club and has been playing with confidence and I am sure will be a future Champion at Gourock Park.

Congratulations to Dougie,once again a worthy winner
                                                                                                       Gary Bradley                      .

Visits since 22nd Feb 2001
Champion in 2000
Dougie Twaddle
Five times Champion,David Rollo with another former Champ Robert Grant
Prelim Round To be played by 17th May
Archie Forbes                                    Dan Kelly
Harry Gibson        21                20     Sammy Doak
Jim McCready       21                 5       Tommy Docherty
Charlie Skilling                                    Tommy Purdue
Peter Hendry                                     Andy Kearns
Jim Crawford          21               17      Robert Hughes
B Mc Claffarty       14               21      John McCready
John Kane             21             15        Robert Grant
Hamish Ramsay     16             21      Hugh Wilson
Jimmy Armstrong  10              21      Joda Reid
First Round To be played by 31st May
Archie Forbes                                    Harry Gibson
Jim Mc Cready        21              6      Tommy Purdue
Andy Kearns             9              21      Jim Crawford
John McCready        Walkover           John Kane
Hugh Wilson            16             21     Joda Reid
Robert Davidson        21            18     J Cameron
David Rollo *              Walk-over         Ian Brown
George Dyer            8              21      Kenny McKinlay
Tommy Monkhouse   Walk-over          Dougie Brown*
Peter Jack               Walk-over         Dougie Alexander*
John Morrison            Walkover          Dougie Twaddle
John Lamb               11            21       Rodger Lynn
John Hagen             21          17        Willie Reid
Gary Bradley             12          21       Terry Duffy
George Twaddle       14          21        John Gibson
Ted Mc Munn                                     J,O Brian

* Had to withdraw due to medical reasons
2nd Round
Archie Forbes         21               17     Jim McCready
Jim Crawford           21              17     John Kane
Joda Reid              21             18        Bertie Davidson
I Brown                 21             12       Kenny McKinlay
T Monkhouse         21             19        Peter Jack
Dougie Twaddle    21               3         Rodger Lynn
John Hagen          21             11         Terry Duffy
John Gibson          21             14        J.O.Brian
Archie Forbes           18                21  Jim Crawford
Joda Reid                21               17    Ian Brown
Tommy Monkhouse   14               21    Dougie Twaddle
John Hagen              11                21    John Gibson

Jim Crawford      21               20   Joda Reid
John Gibson       12               21    Dougie Twaddle

The Final
Dougie Twaddle   21           9     Jim Crawford