Gourock Park versus Gourock Bowling Club
The Indoor Challenge December 2002
Gourock Bowling Club claimed their first victory in this new annual challenge match between our two great clubs at the Inverclyde indoor Stadium on the 30th December 2002. The final score was Gourock Park 4pts (72shots)  Gourock 6pts (73 shots).
                                                                               The highest up rink for Gourock Park was skipped by Robert Hughes who won by 20 shots to 13 shots. While Gourock's highest up rink was Skipped by D K Steel along with J Dillon, A Miller and A Ritchie, who finished 20 shots to 9 up against a rink skipped by John Lamb, Gary Bradley,Hamish Ramsey and Jim McCready.

Well done Gourock Bowling Club and all the best for Season 2003.
Hamish Ramsay, Bob Wasson & John Lamb
Gourock Park's highest up Rink
Robert Hughes,Ian Brown, Bob Tosh and Dan Kelly
Three of Gourock's.highest up Rink
A Miller, D Steel and J Dillon
Member of both Clubs enjoy a drink after the game
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