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In this year, 2003, which is our 75th Anniversary year I feel privileged and honoured to have been elected President of the Club.

It is not only  a time to look forward to the season ahead and the next years after that, but it is also a time to reflect on the last 74 years and the foresight that our founders members had  in forming this special Club.   If it were not for the Members that have held office and played for the good of the Club, I would not be in this position today and Gourock Park Bowling Club would only be a distant memory. We should all think of the depth of gratitude we owe to those who devoted time and money to keep the Club active.

The Club must go from strength to strength and in this respect it is encouraging to see those youngsters of school age taking an interest in the game and I would like to think that this method of promoting the Club (The World Wide Web) helps in the respect. I wonder how in another 25 years, will we be spreading the news.

I thank the members who have given time and energy to prepare for a successful 75th year and to our various sponsors for supporting different ventures.

My wish to all members and visitors to this site is sunshine, joy, celebration and fellowship for the season ahead.
Happy bowling to all.
                           Hamish Ramsay
Hamish Ramsay
Club President /Secretary
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