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Gourock Park Bowling Club Championship 2000
Prelim Round Ties
J Cameron         Beat            S Doak
P Hendry         Lost to          D Rollo
T Purdue           Beat             N Hunter
R Clark           Lost to          J Hagen
R Hughes        Lost to           T Monkhouse
J Lamb           Lost to           P Jack
H Wilson         Lost to            J Kane
A Forbes          Beat              G Dyer
A Graham       Lost to           G Twaddle
J Reid             Lost to            T Duffy
John Mc CreadyLost to         D Brown
First Round Ties
E Mc Neil           Lost to             D Brown
I Brown                Beat               W Reid
T Docherty       Walk-over          A Rennie
K Mc Kinlay       Lost to            R Lynn
J Morrison          Beat               J Gibson   21 v 9 Shots
Jim McCready       Beat             T McMunn
A Kearns             Lost to           D Twaddle
R Grant           Walk-over         J Armstrong
J Crawford             Beat            D Kelly
CSkilling             Lost to           G Bradley  20 v 21 Shots
H Ramsay          Lost to           J.O.Brian
J Cameron          Lost to            D Rollo
T Monkhouse        Beat             P Jack
John Kane            Beat            A Forbes    21 v 9 Shots
G Twaddle          Lost to          T Duffy

2nd Round
David Rollo       12     Lost to     21       John Hagen
Tommy Monkhouse 21  Beat      15        John Kane
Terry Duffy        15     Lost to       21       Dougie Brown
Ian Brown         18     Lost to       21       Tommy Docherty
Roger Lynn    21      Beat           7        John Morrison
Jim McCready            Lost to                   Dougie Twaddle
Robert Grant    21      Beat               Jim Crawford
Gary Bradley  21       Beat        17        J.O.Brian

A respectable crowd watched this years Championship Final between The Favourite,Dougie Twaddle and The Underdog,Tommy Docherty. The early stages of the game were close,with both players playing some fine bowls. By the 9th end,Tommy had his nose in front by 7 shots to 6. However in the 10th end,Dougie took advantage of  some slack bowling from Tommy,to gain a "fullhouse of 4 Shots" to make the score 10-7  This un-expected 4,gave Dougie a lift and he further increased the lead with a 2 in the 11th and 13th ends with Tommy only gaining a single shot in the 12th..With the score now at 14 - 8 to Dougie it looked as if it was only a matter of time before he gained the shots to put the game from beyond Tommys reach. However Tommy refused to give up and kept fighting to remain in the game,but he could not reduce the gap that had Dougie had now built up.With the score at 18 -10 to Dougie the game looked over,but Tommy gained single shots in the next 4 ends to put some pressure on Dougie.In the 23rd end Tommy was really piling on the pressure and was lying 3 shots which would have reduced Dougies lead to a single shot,however Dougie then played the shot of the match with a inch perfect draw to the Jack and gain 1 shot to make the score 19 - 14. Tommy fought back with another single shot in the 24th end,however he was mighty unlucky in what turned out to be the final end,when he gave the shot away when lying and Dougie drew the other shot that he required to win the match 21 Shots to 15.
John Hagen      15          21      Tommy Monkhouse 
Dougie Brown   16          21      Tommy Docherty     *
Roger Lynn        6          21      Dougie Twaddle
Robert Grant    15          21       Gary Bradley          *


Gary Bradley          15       21  Dougie Twaddle
Tommy Docherty  21         9  Tommy Monkhouse

The Final

Dougie Twaddle 21 v 15  Tommy Docherty
Gourock Park Champion 2000
Dougie Twaddle
Gourock Park Championship Final 2000
Dougie Twaddle and Tommy Docherty