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The Greenock & District Invitation Triples
14th September 2003
Sponsored by
Wylie & Bisset
Chartered Accountants
Dunoon Tel 01369 703888
This years Greenock & District Invitation Triples.were held at
Gourock Park to help celebrate the Clubs 75th Anniversary Year.
Twenty two teams representing almost all the Clubs within the district and a few 'select teams' took part in this intriguing and highly competitive one day event.
                                              All the games were played with just 3 bowls and each team played 5 games consisting of 3 Triples games, with the players rotating position in each one, 1 Pairs game and one Singles game. Each game was worth 2 points a win and 1 point for a draw.
                                        The destination of the Trophy was not certain until the very last end of the last game was completed and in the end there were 4 teams all tied on the 12 point mark. So it was 'shots' that would be the deciding factor.
After the points and shots were totalled up checked and double checked, the winners of the event were an Inverclyde Bowling Club's Ex-President Association Select consisiting of Sam Hunter, Neil Canney and Charlie Wilson, who finished on 32 shots up. Second place went to Ardgowan and third place to Gourock.
The Winning Trio
Sam Hunter, Neil Canney & Charlie Wilson
Inverclyde Club's Ex Presidents
After the games, the players retired to the Clubhouse for a few refreshments and a fine Buffet which was laid on by the
Greenock & District B.A. and was excellently created by the catering skills of Gourock Park Member, Barry Mc Clafferty

After match speeches were made by John Freeburn, Kerr
Livingston (representing the Sponsors Wylie & Bisset), Norrie Johnstone and Gourock Park President, Hamish Ramsay. The Speech given by 'Basher' Freeburn was tremendous and raised many a laugh as he took advantage of a few unfortunate players who for various reasons, left themselves open for a good old fashioned slagging!.
                                                                        First victim was Gourock Park's Dougie Brown, who was sporting a full length white mack to protect against the elements, but gave no protection against the on form G&D Secretary. Next up for some treatment was the unfortunate Ian Ferdinard who was Skip of the only triples on the day that suffered a 'Granny'  but this was nothing compared to the barracking and good natured slagging given to our S.B.A. District Secretary, Bill Knox, who along with Dougie Brown and Hamish Ramsay, suffered the indignity of losing a 9 (NINE!!!!) in their final triples match of the day.
John himself was subject of a slagging due to the fact that he was the only player who burnt an end during the days play, with best comment by Gourock Park Champion, Joda Reid who raised the roof with " He aint called John Free- BURN" for nothing you know"!!!
The event was only slightly dampened by the poor weather but otherwise was a highly enjoyable and well organised event in what was the final G&D competition of Season 2003 and I look forward to next year's event which will be held at Lady
Alice B.C. in Greenock.
History was made during the event when Donald Cameron
from Port Glasgow played for the first ever time as Skip in a
competitive match in all his years of bowling.
                                                               He also may claim to the title of Inverclyde's only unbeaten 'skip' as he won his game and will probably never play in that position ever again.
Donald Cameron
Port Glasgow BC
Inverclyde's Only Undefeated Skip?
History is made!
Donald delivers his first ever bowl playing as Skip
Kerr Livingstone works out who has won!
Is he coming to get you ?
The Man in the white coat
Dougie Brown
Bill Knox is still all smiles despite losing a NINE
Bob Scott's Gourock Trio
Grosvenor's Jim Barber who along with Robert Milne at lead and Tommy Wilson landed a Full House against the luckless Bill Knox Trio
The Men who represented the Inverclyde Bowling Clubs
Ex-Presidents Association
Basher Freeburn
Greenock & District Vice- President presents Hamish Ramsay
with an engraved silver dish to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Club.
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