The A.P.Jess Trophy
Gourock Park BC versus Gourock BC Annual Challenge Friendly
August 2nd 2003
Gourock Park won The A.P.Jess Trophy against neighbours and
rivals Gourock after what must be the closest finish between these two great clubs in many a year. After the 17 highly competitive ends of bowling were played by the 6 'rinks' from each club , the score was level. Each Club won three games giving them 6 points each. Normally when this happens, the shots total of each Club decides the winner, but on this occasion not even that could seperate them, as each Club had 90 shots.
            The players retired to the Clubhouse for a fine meal
served up by the hardworking Ladies of Gourock Park while the match secretaries of the two Clubs sat down and worked out how they could decide who would claim the glittering trophy kindly donated by the match sponsors, A.P. Jess.
                                                                       After the discussion between them it was decided that the match should be decided on which Club had won the most 'ends' and it was
Gourock Park that claimed victory by winning 54 ends to Gourock's 48. There were murmours amongst the players that this was not the correct ruling to take into account when deciding the outcome of such a close game and no doubt  it will be debated within the Clubhouses for years to come.
The Trophy was presented to Gourock Park President, Hamish Ramsay by Mrs Francis Robinson, who is the sister of the Sponsor, A.P.Jess and also a member of Gourock B.C.
                   Hamish was delighted to accept and thanked everyone who took part in this much awaited friendly. He spoke about how much this game meant to both Clubs he also thanked the sponsors for their excellent support.
President, Stuart Mc Clure, gave a fine speech about the spirit between the two Clubs and of the importance of this annual game, mentioning that although it is classed as a friendly, it is a friendly with the correct amount of rivalry which makes sure the game is always keenly contested.
In closing his speech he thanked the Ladies and Bar staff for their invaluable work which ensured the day was enjoyable for all.

The highest up Gourock Rink was skipped by Graham Paterick along with A Ritchie, A Miller and G Gormley finishing 10 shots up. Highest for Gourock Park was skipped by Jim Crawford along with John Gibson, Hamish Ramsay and Terry Duffy, winning by 11 shots.

President's Hamish Ramsay & Stuart Mc Clure
President Hamish Ramsay proudly displays the trophy along with Mrs Francis Robinson who is holding the bouquet of flowers presented to her by Gourock Park
To mark Gourock Park's 75th Anniversary, President Mc Clure of Gourock presented this Silver Salver to the Club as a mark of friendship between the two clubs.
Members of both Clubs gather outside the Clubhouse
Players enjoy an after match discussion and some refreshments
The scoreboards which recorded what must be the closest ever result between the two Clubs
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